XDA Mini S

  Johnnie_M 16:11 02 Mar 2006

Hi, I just got one of these wonderful devices, now this might sound like a stupid question however, if I add more memory via the miniSD slot, will this speed up my machine any?

  RickH0684 21:58 03 Mar 2006

this a completely different type of memory, XDA's use this as "Storage" memory, I have the XDA IIi, i dont think you would be able to upgrade the memory from a performance perspective, unfortunately, otherwise I would do so myself,

hope this helps,



  Johnnie_M 22:01 03 Mar 2006

Fantastic mate, only thing is in terms of reliabilty would you say your machine is reliable? I am about to switch from a P910, and really love the SE P9XX series, its so reliable a bit worried about moving to WM 5

  RickH0684 00:37 22 May 2006

With the XDA IIi you have two batteries, one normal and an internal back up battery, aslong as the internal one isnt left to run flat you shouldnt have any troubles, other than that mine is a great gadget, thats all I use it for, bit unsightly to hold to your ear and talk, but great fun!

NB - To make myself clearer, as long as the main battery is charged the internal one shouldnt ever get flat, this is assuming that the one you have is managed similarly. Hope your having fun with ya new toy, excuse the delay.


  wint 09:14 22 May 2006

ßéLâ, speed it up? Is that the overclocking hack? Does it work? I am a little nervous of trying that in case the thing falls over...

I do like my XDA Mini S but it does seem a little slow. How are you getting on with yours Johnnie_M?


  geeman001 10:14 22 May 2006

i recently switched from a p910 to a xda2i, i loved my p910,but in my opinion its much better than the p910, its "more" of a pda than the p910, if thats what you're looking for, windows media player rocks! and i think the windows mobile is a much better operating system than the s.e one.

  wint 20:54 10 Jul 2006

Johnnie_M. I have just Hard Reset my XDA Mini S and chose the basic install (not the o2 Active or Corporate version). I am amazed how much faster everything runs now. o2 active really uses up resources. Don't forget to backup files & note all of your settings first though. SPB Backup is a good tool for this, $24 or free for 1st 5 uses.

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