XD type H cards hangs PC

  MIke 17:53 08 Apr 2007


Does anyone else have problems with XD cards and XP Home SP2?

I'm using a usb stick type card reader that only accepts XD cards. It's made by Kawau and looks very similar to the one sold under the Olympus brand. The problem I have is that I can transfer photos to my pc using it no problem, but when I try to do anything else with my pc everything hangs. And I mean everything. Phhotoshop Elements, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express. Absolutely everything. Even Task Manager hags so I can't close down non responsive programs. I can shut down the PC but even that takes ages, at least 10 minutes.
I've even tried using safely remove hardware before opening any other program, but that hangs too!

I only have type H cards so don't know if the same would happen with others.

I've looked at my card reader's website but no help there. Anyone had similar problems, esp with the Olympus branded reader as I'm tempted to get one to see if that would cure my trouble



  Batch 18:45 08 Apr 2007

Do you have a suitable USB lead that enables you to connect the camera directly to the USB port, thus obviating the need for a card reader?

I connect my Olympus camera directly without any problems. It makes me wonder why people ponse around with card readers as plugging the camera in is fast and simple.

  MIke 18:59 08 Apr 2007

The camera I use is an F11 which doesn't plug straight into the pc, ity's a bit of a pain really, cos you have to plug the camera into an adaptor, then the the adaptor into the mains supply, and yet another lead into the adaptor to usb. As I don't have a spare socket nearby I also have to trail an extension lead!

The other reason people ponse about with card readers as you put is, that transfers can be faster. I certainly notice the difference when I use the compact flash card out of my canon. It's at least 50% faster using a card reader than when plugging the camera into the PC.

Thanks fore your cooments though. I was just wondering if others had same problem, or something up with my PC

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