SURVEY 09:51 08 Jan 2010

I am running Xp SP2. I understand the principles of using COPY an XCOPY. I am having probelms getting the file(s) I wish to copy recognised. If the file is in the root directory C:\ then it is located. If it is in a sub-directory say C:\Documents and settings\ then it is not recognised. I am using the CMD screen and the CMD prompt is always C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\. Any ideas or am I just missing the obvious?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:56 08 Jan 2010
  SURVEY 10:03 08 Jan 2010

Fruit Bat/\O/\ - Thanks - I am aware of this and the various switches but my problem is that the CMD prompt cannot locate any file that is not in the root directory to enable me to copy it.

  SURVEY 10:29 08 Jan 2010

I am really not getting thsi. For some reason any file I wish to copy can be found by the COPY command if it is in a directory with no sub-directories. If it is in the main sub-directory and that directory has sub-directories, it cannot be found to be copied! Am I missing something obvious here?

  OTT_Buzzard 10:37 08 Jan 2010

Quote marks?

  SURVEY 11:03 08 Jan 2010

OTT_Buzzard - Quote Marks?? Incidenatlly I have found the same problem using Safe Mode and trying to reverse the COPY from say an external drive to the hard drive - file or folder on hard drive cannot be found except in the root directory.

  Eric10 11:21 08 Jan 2010

What OTT_Buzzard is saying is that if the filename or path contains spaces then the path/filename should be placed inside quotation marks.
e.g. Copy "C:\Documents and Settings\file to copy.doc" "D:\Backup Archive"

Copy C:\Docs\letter.doc D:\Backup - is okay because there are no spaces in either the paths or filenames.

If this isn't the problem can you give us an example of the exact command you are using when the copy fails?

  SURVEY 12:04 08 Jan 2010

Eric10 - I do not know what came over me! Must be the snow! quotation marks, of course!! Thanks all - One can always get a swift response form this forum! Cheers again to all.

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