Xbox/Playstation on laptop

  daisy2bell 22:03 29 Dec 2005

Is it possible to hook up the Xbox or Playstation to my laptop.

  Skyver 22:04 29 Dec 2005

In what way? Communication, file transfer, screen display?

  Kev.Ifty 22:23 29 Dec 2005

Do you want to play the games on your Laptop?

There are programs called Emulators. These apparently allow playstation games to be played on a computer.

'An example' click here

I have never used one and i am not recommending this to you! Just pionting it out :-)

If this is what you mean, then do your research before downloading anything!!!


  daisy2bell 09:09 30 Dec 2005

What I meant was, just as you would hook up the playstation to the telly in order to use the screen. Does this make sense?

  T0SH 15:59 30 Dec 2005

You can get PCMCIA TV tuner cards for laptops, so I suppose you could tune one channel to the playstation output

Cheers HC

  daisy2bell 21:50 30 Dec 2005

Thanks Tosh, I might give that a try

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