XBox, setting up with BT BB

  Giantsquid 21:27 09 Dec 2003

Hello all,

Santa has just got my 10 year old the XBox for crimbo, he want's to play live so he also got the starter kit (XBox live) so he can connect through his BT BB connection, does anyone out there know what I need to set him up to play online ? I don't want to go through my pc just from the bt point into the back of the XBox, I believe I need a ethernet cable and a modem ? where do I get this from and how much are they ?

thanks to all that help,

  LeadingMNMs 22:18 09 Dec 2003

if you want to be able to use the computer with the BB connection (and why wouldn't you) then i would suggest getting a router. install a network card in the computer if necessary (they cost less than £10) and connect the Xbox to the router with a network cable and the computer to the router with a network cable (Cat 5e - i believe).

Maybe someone more familar with networking will be able to give you some more advice since my knowledge is only theorectical and not physical.

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