xbox - router/hub problem

  RussG 18:47 05 Jul 2003

Don't know if anyone could suggest something.

Have Blueyonder broadband & router to share the connection with 3 pcs and xbox live. Originaly set up for 2 pc & xbox and all worked fine. I added another pc upstairs and added a hub to split between the pc & xbox. Now the xbox continually cuts off after 15 minutes or so. My son is getting frustrated having paid his subscription etc. He has checked the forums and they suggest that xbox will not work with a hub, anyone got any ideas?


  hugh-265156 19:07 05 Jul 2003

click here and click here might help.

  microswift 19:46 05 Jul 2003

NTL actually sell a hub for connecting a PC and xbox at the same time, so I dont think the hub is the problem. I dont know if blueyonder is the same but NTL restrict the number of units you can connect to broadband at three. Do you have all four units connected to the internet at the same time? it could be a bandwidth problem.

  RussG 19:55 05 Jul 2003

Thanks chaps for the replies, need to your investigate your suggestions further but the one about number of pc's connected looks promising ( I have 2pc+xbox). I'll try a few things and come back if need anymore help.



  RussG 12:08 06 Jul 2003

Should read 3 pc's + Xbox

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