bryan654 21:53 27 Oct 2008

were do i start!!
Iv got xbox live, had it for awhile.
had to re-boot my PC, now it wont let me connect to xbox live, saying the IP address has failed.

Iv looked it up and it sayin i can do it usin the PPPoE username and password. Phoned BT (my isp) but cos the modem isnt theres (Speedtouch330) they said they dont know the PPPoE. now me Ethernet port is in my PC. iv done the whole, run....ipconfig and got the IP from there but is that the internet one or network? when i go on support on the network connection, nothin is there, no gateway or anythin.

Any help will do, been tryin this for week, and please do say hit it with a brick!!

  mgmcc 23:08 27 Oct 2008

It isn't clear how you're setting this up. Do you have a PC that is connected to the internet and with which you are using "Internet Connection Sharing" to give the Xbox its internet access?

If so, you may need to set up "Internet Connection Sharing" again on the actual internet connection (modem connection) in the PC. There are instructions for doing this in my posting click here

PPPoE shouldn't come into it if you're connecting by ethernet to a PC as this will use TCP/IP protocol. In any case, ADSL in the UK uses PPPoA protocol and not PPPoE.

  bryan654 18:19 28 Oct 2008

just went and bought a Belkin G Wireless Moden Router. set it all up but wont let me connect to the internet, saying no dail tone. hopefully once i get this set up it should be ok?? any help with that?

  mgmcc 19:59 28 Oct 2008

Have you connected the Modem/Router to the phone line using the cable supplied with the router and not the one previously used with a USB Modem? Some modem cables can be wired differently, i.e. wires are crossed over.

  bryan654 22:34 28 Oct 2008

Right.....the wireless connection is working now, its just the IP for the xbox still failing. its now gettin on me nearves!!

  mgmcc 22:52 28 Oct 2008

The Xbox should be connected directly to the *ROUTER* and its network adapter's TCP/IP properties set to get the IP address automatically. It should then get an address in the 192.168.2.x range from the router.

  bryan654 22:58 28 Oct 2008

yer its got that IP address for my Local area connect. and then for the subnet then the for the gateway. any ideas?

  mgmcc 08:16 29 Oct 2008

The Xbox would appear to be connected properly to the router as it has its correct IP, Subnet Mask & Default Gateway addresses. Is the router connected properly to the ISP so that the PC has internet access?

  bryan654 08:44 29 Oct 2008

the internet access is working fine, although, i cant find a connection on the networks page, should there still be a connection sayin connected like me wired connection used to? What IP address should i go with, local area network?

  mgmcc 13:47 29 Oct 2008

If you connect the PC to a router, your internet access is via a network adapter ("Local Area Connection" or "Wireless Network Connection"), and you *WON'T* have a separate connection listed as you do with a USB Modem.

The router's own IP address is so the PC and the Xbox must have a unique address in the range to

They appear to have valid addresses in this range but, being unfamiliar with any games consoles, I cannot know why the Xbox doesn't have its internet access.

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