xbox 360 MTU insufficient warning

  willo500 19:37 03 Jan 2010


I have installed a Belkin Wireless N+ router to network several laptops and a couple of desktops. Some of these are connected by powerline connections through the cabling.

All works well with the computeres but not my stepsons xbox 360. This is connected by the powerline. He can't connect to xbox live. When he runs the connection test, the xbox tells him there is unsufficient MTU and to set the router to more than 1362. It already is set to higher than this so I'm not sure what the problem is.

I had everything connected by a netgear wired router in the same configuration ie with powerline etc and it worked fine.

Can anyone help please or is the Belkin not compatible?



  willo500 19:41 03 Jan 2010

Just another thought. Would it be possible to run two routers in the house. One wired router connected to the xbos and the other giving wireless signals as well as some wired or would this confuse things?


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