xbox 360

  McGill01 17:12 24 Jan 2006

Hi i just bought a xbox 360 last week, but i am unable to get online with it, the xbox is telling me that my network adapter is not plugged in, which it is. i haee a wireless network set up for the two pc's in the house, i have the small usb port on my pc and the main box is next door, would this cause a problem. i am slightly confused and would be grateful for any advice thank you


  Monument 17:20 24 Jan 2006

I can;t help but until someone else comes along you might take a look here click here

  PaulB2005 17:33 24 Jan 2006

Please explain the setup a bit better.

What is the "Main Box" next door?

What is the relevance of the "small usb port"?

What have you plugged into the Xbox?

Who is your ISP?

  McGill01 17:38 24 Jan 2006

ok sorry, the make of the wireless system is belkin G 802.11g, the main box is the belkin wireless box, and i have the ethernet wire connected into my xbox 360 and into the ethernet slot on my pc, sorry about my ignorance but i know next to nothing about pc's. thanks for your reply

  McGill01 17:40 24 Jan 2006

my internet providers are tiscali and the small usb port is the wireless usb network adapter

  PaulB2005 17:42 24 Jan 2006

"i have the ethernet wire connected into my xbox 360 and into the ethernet slot on my pc"

Surely it should go from the XBox to the Router? You might be able to do via the PC with Internet connection sharing but i looked into that for a PS2 and gave up.

  McGill01 17:45 24 Jan 2006

so i should run the cable from my Xbox into the router in the other room?

  PaulB2005 18:09 24 Jan 2006

Well i would have.

In order for it work the way you want (via the PC) you need to set up Internet Connection Sharing but i have experience doing this with a XBox.

Is there no manual with the XBox?

  PaulB2005 18:14 24 Jan 2006

click here

You can connect the Xbox 360 console to an 802.11a or 802.11g wireless network by purchasing an Xbox 360 wireless adapter. The Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter is available through click here.

  007al 18:14 24 Jan 2006

This may be the same click here

  McGill01 18:27 24 Jan 2006

thanks a lot guys been a great help as per usual im off down to comet now to spend £60 thanks again


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