xbox, 2 routers, a wireless laptop problem

  PopCircle 22:14 27 Aug 2006

Hi all, I have a Dlink router DI-514 wireless router which I connect to the internet wirelesly, on my laptops. Everything works fine.

But, when I connect my xbox to my laptop, via another router, a Linkys WRT54G with ethernet cables, my wireless connection is still connected, but I can't access the internet. I can't physically connect to my DLink router, only by wireless.

Is there any way I can still be connected to the wireless DLink router, AND be connected to my xbox via another router ?

Thanks for your help !

  mgmcc 08:16 28 Aug 2006

If I've got this right...

It all sounds a bit of a mess but, if you have Internet access in a laptop "wirelessly" from the D-Link router and plug a second router into the laptop's ethernet port, that second router and any "client" devices fed by it *WON'T* have internet access unless you have enabled "Internet Connection Sharing" on the laptop's "wireless" connection to the D-Link router. This will give the laptop's Local Area Connection the IP address and will allocate a WAN IP address in the same subnet to the Linksys router, which is OK because Linksys routers operate in the subnet. If the D-Link router operates in either the or subnet, then you will probably have IP address conflicts.

There is no reason why you can't use two routers, but the sub-router's WAN port should be connected directly to one of the main router's LAN ports, not to one of its networked computers.

  PopCircle 03:03 05 Sep 2006

humm ok, i've tried couple of things, i've gave the IP adresse to my xbox, plug in my old router (, with cables to my laptop (, my xbox has been able to access my shared folders of my laptop. Great. But, when I connect this cable, I lose my wireless internet connection, it says I'm connected, but I can't access the internet via the wireless connection. Look's like windows try to access the internet via the ethernet cable, prior to the wireless connection.

Any ideas ?

Thanks !

  mgmcc 10:43 05 Sep 2006

Why are you using a second router instead of plugging the Xbox directly into the laptop's ethernet port?

You still need to address the problem of IP address conflicts if the D-Link router operates in the 192.168.0.x subnet.

  PopCircle 02:41 07 Sep 2006

if you read my first post, I can't physically access my router, he's in another appartment, which is 2 floors above me. It's impossible to plug my xbox via cable to the router 2 floor above me.

I tried different settings, and it worked, but I can't access internet on my xbox, but that's not important, I only wanted share files.

Thanks !

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