Xandros on Laptop??

  Simsy 22:24 26 Jan 2006

Hi folks...

As title really... I'm trying to help someone out here...

Any reason why Xandros Desktop 3 OCE shouldn't run on a laptop?

I'm looking at a P3 850Mg with 128Meg RAM.

I'm thinking specifically of;

Installing a printer? Using a seperate mouse? Using the included nipple mouse?

I can set up and install, (if it's easy!), but then it needs to be easy for the user.

Comments appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 22:53 26 Jan 2006

Anyone been successful?



  Simsy 12:38 27 Jan 2006

looking for comments with regard to using on a laptop.

I installed it OK on a towerPC, for testing purposes, just to see if it would be a viable OS for the intended user. I've decided that the answer is "Yes"

I'm looking for opinions as to whether it will detrect and use the laptop hardware OK.




  Diodorus Siculus 15:34 27 Jan 2006

I run suse 10 on a fairly new laptop with no significant problems - why not give it a go if it is a second machine?

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