Xandros on Laptop??

  Simsy 22:24 26 Jan 2006

Hi folks...

As title really... I'm trying to help someone out here...

Any reason why Xandros Desktop 3 OCE shouldn't run on a laptop?

I'm looking at a P3 850Mg with 128Meg RAM.

I'm thinking specifically of;

Installing a printer? Using a seperate mouse? Using the included nipple mouse?

I can set up and install, (if it's easy!), but then it needs to be easy for the user.

Comments appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation,



  [DELETED] 22:51 26 Jan 2006

I have tried umpteen distros on an old IBM lappy,no matter which distro I have used I have never yet managed to address the IRQ conflicts caused by its sound/infra-red/PCMCIA ports/Printer/and other assorted sockets on the lappy.I was thinking of installing a DOS partition into which I could install the lappys "98se config/driver files" but I'm just not that clever at linux. :-((

  Simsy 22:53 26 Jan 2006

Anyone been successful?



  [DELETED] 23:02 26 Jan 2006

There should be no problems. I use Xandros 3 in a dual boot envorinment on my home PC and installation was so easy you will not believe it (5 mouse clicks if I remember rightly )
It has to be on of the most automated procedures around. (Who said Linux has to be for geeks?)

click here
Peripheral detection is automatic during setup.

BTW - once you get used to the new OS you may not want to change. Security is inherent - just have a firewall for online stuff. Viruses, spam and adware are not really an issue.

  [DELETED] 23:22 26 Jan 2006

I didn't say it was hard to install linux on a lappy,it isn't.I just thought you might like to know some of the pitfalls you might encounter.Most of the newer distros are extremely easy to install,as onthebog says,requires little more than a couple of mouse-clicks.If your wanting wireless to work then I can recommend Knoppix 3.8 It picks-up my assorted WiFi cards with little required from me but my inputting the WEP key to access my LAN.I haven't had much of a "play" with Xandros(yet)but a newcomer to linux will be hard pressed to see any difference between any linux distro.They operate in much the same way as windows,eg:you click on a "Start" button and up pops a menu of installed apps/cfg of the desktop,etc

  Simsy 12:38 27 Jan 2006

looking for comments with regard to using on a laptop.

I installed it OK on a towerPC, for testing purposes, just to see if it would be a viable OS for the intended user. I've decided that the answer is "Yes"

I'm looking for opinions as to whether it will detrect and use the laptop hardware OK.




  [DELETED] 14:52 27 Jan 2006

I bought a second hand old laptop last year with the intention of learning Linux.

I tried what seemed like hundreds of different versions including Xandros, And after 6 months of trying I gave up.

I searched the net including here and got lots of very helpful advice but I never managed to get any of then running like I have windows running.

There was always a problem that just could'nt be solved.

I wish you all the best in your venture and hope your successful with this.

One good thing to come out of it was I gave the laptop to my wife when i'd given up on linux, And now she uses that and I have my desktop to myself.


  Diodorus Siculus 15:34 27 Jan 2006

I run suse 10 on a fairly new laptop with no significant problems - why not give it a go if it is a second machine?

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