x264 Playback issue

  sorceror7374 15:06 18 Nov 2008

I have a full HD capable graphics card (ATI) updated to the latest drivers, and I'm running on an AMD Athlon 64 4000 CPU with 2GB RAM. Whenever I play x264 files through VLC media player, the picture quality is excellent, but the movement of the video is just slightly jerky or stuttering a bit. Changing the settings on my graphics card for better performance over quality shows no perceptible difference. I've also tried using CoreAVC with Media Player Classic and also Windows Media Player, but where the video moved smoothly and fluidly the picture quality was very pixelated which defeats the purpose of High Def.
I think this might mean my CPU is just a little too slow at decoding High Def files and that my only choice is to upgrade to dual core which I can't really afford at the minute.
Am I on the right path here or is there anything else I can do to get things going on this system?

  Stuartli 17:45 18 Nov 2008

I have an Athlon XP 3200+ which plays these codecs OK.

Try downloading and installing the latest K-Lite Codecs Pack (full) from:

click here

It includes Windows Media Player Classic and it's worth seeing if this is superior at reproducing the x264 codecs.

  sorceror7374 18:56 18 Nov 2008

WMP Classic and K-Lite was actually my starting point which didn't quite work and why I went looking for other solutions. Maybe there's a setting of some kind on my graphics card that might make a difference? I don't know....just grasping at straws.

  Stuartli 20:59 18 Nov 2008

Have you tried QuickTime (free version)?

click here

Microsoft was also involved, Gary Sullivan being the chairman of the Joint Video Team (JVT) which developed the H264 standard.


click here

This information may also be of interest:

click here

  AL47 21:25 18 Nov 2008

is it only x264 mp4 or do other formats judder?

do u see what the cpu usage is?

mine play back well with media player classic and klite

my laptop is a dual core tho and my graphics card is nvidia 7950 gtx 512mb

  sorceror7374 10:27 20 Nov 2008

It was only the x264 files that I had the problem with. I seem to have found the solution. DXVA is needed by the media player to tell it to send the decoding process to the GPU rather than the CPU as the CPU wasn't quite powerful enough to do the whole job smoothly. It was only a slight judder so I'm guessing that a dual core would've managed to play it fine using CoreAVC. The problem with DXVA is that none of the popular free media players out there have this option in them. It looked like I was going to have to purchase a copy of Cyberlink PowerDVD 7 just to have that option as that was the only one people were recommending for that reason. After some more surfing and reading, I found out that there is a newer build of Media Player Classic called Media Player Classic Home Cinema which not only includes DXVA, but also appears to include most typical codecs built into it removing the need for K-Lite or any other codec packs. There may still be an issue in certain cases with x264 files as there are a lot of people out there that encode these files but don't rigidly keep to the H.264 standards that are recognized by media players/GPU's/codecs. But that's beyond me as I don't do any encoding. Thank you to each of you for your suggestions....it took some time, but thanks to all the links on all the pages out there it eventually led me to a solution!

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