X-Box Live - setting up the connection

  dms_05 13:50 06 Apr 2010

I'm trying to set up my Grandson's X-Box 360 on X-Box Live. The X-Box reports the Network and Internet connections are connecting and passing the tests but the final stage of connecting to X-Box Live fails.

The failure usually shows up as 'Can't Connect' but has also shown up as MTU problem (untrue as it's set to 1500) or error on ICMP. When attempting to connect I'm offered an Upgrade but that fails, sometimes immediately and sometimes after the download bar has completed.

I've been into the Sky Netgear (v1) router and set the X-box to IP (which shows up correctly on the X-Box Settings Menu) for the correct X-Box MAC. I've set Ports UDP 88, UDP 3074 and TCP 3074 in Custom Services and set these in the Firewall (XBL1/2/3) .

However I still can't manage a connection to X-Box Live.

The network is based on HomePlugs.

Is this a problem with the Sky Router or something else? Any help would be appreciated!

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