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  Taran 10:51 17 Jul 2004

I highlighted this project quite some months ago in the Consumerwatch forum. It is called Nvu click here

It started as a Linux project to bring a good WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to Linux, which previously relied on its users leveraging one or another of the excellent text/code editors coupled with the knowledge and ability to write code manually to create their web pages.

The idea was to bring a FrontPage type product to Linux which would allow rapid web creation using a visual interface with built in publish/FTP capability and so on. It would allow people with little prior knowledge of the web to get started in web editing on Linux and would allow those people who do know web authoring to generate a web framework quickly from which to build on.

To cut to the chase, I've been playing with the results of this project this past few months and I'm happy to say that it's not half bad. In fact, I'd go so far as to suggest that anyone working to a tight budget or who is unsure which WYSIWYG editor to invest in should seriously consider this program.

It is available on Linux (obviously) and has also been ported over to Windows. The download is available from click here and at 7.66mb it is accessible to those on narrowband dial up web access. It requires a little over 20mb of disk space.

Installation is easy, the interface is simple to grasp and there are loads of nice built in tools to play with. It has a built in CSS editor, HTML code validator, you can open files direct from a web server and on saving a file you are always prompted to give the page a title that will appear in the browser window title or in bookmarked favourites.

Note that this is a plain vanilla HTML editor and is not intended for working with PHP, ASP or XHTML.

If you're struggling to decide which editor to buy, try Nvu while you're deciding. All it costs is the time to download and it gives nice results without leaving you scratching your head. As that well known advert once said, it does exactly what it says on the tin, and you'd be hard pressed to find something that offers better value for money...

I'm cross-posting this in both Consumerwatch and WebDesign.

Best regards


  KwaK 12:02 17 Jul 2004

Just downloading it now to have a look :o)

Thanks again.

  Forum Editor 15:19 17 Jul 2004

so what better than to give it a try? Downloaded and waiting on my hard drive. Many thanks for the link.

  Taran 15:52 17 Jul 2004

although I said that Nvu was not really intended to work with PHP and ASP, you can, if you want, insert custom code blcks. So far I've had pretty good results with PHP but I've yet to try ASP.

However, I would say that this defeats the object somewhat since the whole point to recommending this product is its ease of use and relative quality of output and wide range of features. As a WYSIWYG HTML editor it is superb and PHP and whatnot is hardly a pressing concern to most people.

I think it's one of the best little programs I've seen recently, especially for newcomers to web design who don't know which editor to buy and who maybe cannot afford or justify the cost of buying several programs. It's a good springboard program and the fact that it is the first really good WYSIWYG editor for Linux lends it a lot of clout as far as I am concerned. It's nice to see serious efforts being made to produce programs suitable for desktop Linux use and the fact that we have a Windows version available is an added bonus.

  Taran 21:26 21 Jul 2004

Just ticking the thread resolved to keep things tidy...

  Charence 21:29 26 Jul 2004

...looking forward to use it. I'm currently making a HTML editor.


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