www.vibranttmedia.com, always active

  Dorsai 20:33 11 Oct 2004

My browser, firefox, always displays 'transfering data from www. vibrantmedia. com'

This only started in teh last day or so.


Have just ran A squared, and nowt detected, but it is there now. transfering away...

I want to block traffic for this site, as i have no idea what or who they are, or why i would want to transfer any data there, but my fire wall, norton 2004 wants an ip address, number.number.number.number etc...How do i find the numbers, to put htem on my block list..

tried browsing the addreess, and it seemed innocuious, but what is going on?

Can anyone suggest what is actually going on?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:46 11 Oct 2004

It is an advertising service that contributes to the cost of this site. Nothing to worry about.


  Dorsai 20:51 11 Oct 2004


But why is it continiously transfering data....I am seing nothing hapening. Apart from a 'transfering' of data. There is no data here worth taking, and no data seems to be arriving...

So what data is arriving....(if it's leaving, they are welcome to my piccys of crete last year...)

  dagwoood 20:53 11 Oct 2004

Dorsai, I think(may be wrong), that www. vibrantmedia. com has something to do with the advertising on this site.

I can't remember if there's the option in Firefox to disable Javascript but if you can, then disable it and it'll solve your problem.

Alternatively, download the extension called adblock and you can configure this to stop vibrant media from loading.


  dagwoood 21:01 11 Oct 2004

Dorai, a link for adblock click here


  dagwoood 21:02 11 Oct 2004

Sorry I spelt your nickname wrong.

  Dorsai 22:13 11 Oct 2004


The general consensus is that it is harmless.

Still dont know what data is being transfered...And that is a cause for concern...

I somtimes use a credit card to order stuff....Dont want that data to get transfered 'out of hours' so to say.....

If it is harmless OK....

Anyone want a piccy of me in greece...dont have to 'steal it' jus ask....

But still dont know how to turn a www. address. com into number. number. number...etc, so i can block unwanted, un-needed, trancfers..

Dinner buzzer just 'buzzed'. offn now.

Dagwoood, will follow your link 2mora...

& dont worry, If you agree not to worry about a typo, i wont either.

  pc moron 22:25 11 Oct 2004

The adverts on this site run from third-party suppliers (external site) such as www. vibrantmedia. com.

The transfer of data you're seeing are the adverts being loaded/changed.

They load in the background, and you won't see them if you're using an ad blocker.

  Pidder 22:33 11 Oct 2004

I gather from someone more knowledgeable than me (my son) that the data being transferred out from one's PC is merely to access the web pages you want to visit. Anyone any different information?

  VoG II 22:52 11 Oct 2004

To stop this completely unnecessary tripe being deluged upon your machine, use a HOSTS file click here

No doubt I will be told off for this but I hate ads.

  Dorsai 18:18 12 Oct 2004

Hi, and thanks all..

Downloaded the adblocker extension for firefox, and the annoying 'transfering' has been replaced with a more expected 'Done' now.


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