www.space.com / Purch pop-ups cannot stop.

  Barrykneeshaw 13:51 09 Aug 2018

Not certain which forum to post this in so sorry if incorrect. I signed up for Space.com because I am interested in - well - Space. I then found that it contains nothing that is not generally known and now I cannot find any way to disassociate from them and keep getting annoying pop-ups. Help - PLEASE!

  Forum Editor 15:37 09 Aug 2018

You can manage your privacy settings - scroll down to the bottom of the homepage.

I haven't checked all the details, but you should be able to request that your details are removed from their records - check in the settings.

  Barrykneeshaw 12:10 11 Aug 2018

Alas, no. That's the first thing I tried. Remove subscription seems to be deeply buried. When you go to the contacts section you end up on a Purch Sales page which seems to only have contacts for Ads and other business. Cannot find anything there either to unsubscribe.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:01 11 Aug 2018

...............and keep getting annoying pop-ups.

Are you using Google Chrome as your web browser?

  Barrykneeshaw 19:38 21 Aug 2018

I use Edge and Chrome but initially got to Space.com vis Edge.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:28 22 Aug 2018

..............but initially got to Space.com vis Edge.

From what you've described so far it's possible that you've enabled "Notifications" for space.com and that's the source of those pesky pop-ups. Try this in Edge:

Click the three little dots in the top-right corner, click on "Settings" then the "View Advanced Settings" button. Scroll down to where it says "Website Permissions" then click the "Manage" button. Do you see an entry there that says "Space.com Notifications"? If you do then right-click on it and choose "Delete". If you see any other notifications there that you don't want then delete them too.

Chrome also has notifications and I can tell you how to access those settings if need be.

Let me know how you get on please.

  Barrykneeshaw 11:13 23 Aug 2018

Resolved thanks to your last response. Followed your instructions and found it in Edge Settings. I am SO grateful. Many thanks and have a very nice day!!!

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