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  ponytail 09:18 14 Jan 2012

I email my cousin in Australia on a regular basis but would like to talk over the internet perhaps using a web camera someone also mentioned something called skype not sure what it is.I can buy a camera but not sure what to do when I have it.What is the method of using a web camera and what is skype is that an alternative

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:38 14 Jan 2012

Skype is basically using your broadband to make a phone call, the call is routed through the internet. how to use skype video

Just like you see pictures on a web site, the web cam picture is transmitted to the other user.


  onthelimit1 09:38 14 Jan 2012

Skype is a great, free way to webcam - i use it often for my children in Oz. It's a free download. You then need speakers microphone and a camera. Most laptops include these now. If you have a PC, just buy a webcam that has a built-in microphone. They vary fro a fiver to 60-7o quid. I'd try a cheapish one (say around £15) to see how you get on. set up is very easy

link to Skype download

  onthelimit1 09:40 14 Jan 2012

Good morning FB - I must type faster!

  Noldi 09:54 14 Jan 2012

As posted above very good for keeping in contact with family an friends around the world. The only limit i have found is you can only have vidoe link with one person at a time but im sure it will come. i now use a Ipad and that is great for Skype, you can use front cam so they can see you or the back cam if you want to show the person something may view outside, weather etc.


  ponytail 11:39 14 Jan 2012

I have downloaded skype which was fine and have now been out and got my self a medium priced webcam.It came with a head set which I presume is to listen to who you messaging the problem is I have to connect it to the speaker sockets at the rear of the PC and they are currently occupied by my PC speakers and there is only one set any advice.Do I have to unplug me PC speakers to connect the headset or is it possible to get something like a USB hub which can take more than one item.

  onthelimit1 12:45 14 Jan 2012

You'll note I did suggest a webcam with built in micro! However, does the headset have two plugs - one for speakers and one for micro? If so, just use the microphone one and use the speakers for sound.

  ponytail 11:59 15 Jan 2012

Hi Again onthelimit1 I have just changed my camera for one with a built in microphone only prob lem now is into which socket do I put the micro plug.There seem to be three sockets the speaker is in the middle one.Is there a diagram to say which socket to put it in.

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