Anthony R. 04:13 12 Feb 2006


When ever I start my computer, despite deleting all startup entries, a program called "wuactl2.exe" runs. It has grown to be my worst enemy. If I close it with taskmanager, it wont come up for a little while, but if i forget it for a while, the trouble begins. It starts at 4 megs of memory. It then begins "devouring" all of my memory,and after an hour or so, it is usually using about 200 MB of memory. I have seen it as high as 320MB. I have win 2000 with 512 RAM. It has nothing to do with any installed program. Anyone else have exoerience with this evil program?

  AndySD 05:35 12 Feb 2006

A Squared free should get rid of it click here

  rmcqua 08:34 12 Feb 2006

When you get rid of it, make sure you have some decent A/V software loaded, like AVG Free or Avat Home.

  Gongoozler 08:40 12 Feb 2006

This is wuactl2.exe
click here, and you definitely don't want it. As rmcqua says, a decent antivirus should have blocked it. AVG click here and Avast click here are both free for home use, and in my experience at least as good as any that you have to pay for.

  rmcqua 17:48 12 Feb 2006

Sorry for my "Avat" spelling mistake. Hope you didn't search for too long. I blame the 'flu !

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