wtervv.exe, what is it?

  misters 09:37 30 Jul 2011

When my desktop Pc running win/xp boots up i have recently started to get a message saying something like"wter.vv.exe didn't start properly do i want to close or debug"? I have did a search for wtervv.exe but i find nothing. Hs anyone got any information on how i can get rid from starting up in my desktop or even any info on what this file is? Thanks in advance

  Nontek 09:56 30 Jul 2011


PrevX is a well-known and good Antivirus/Malware remover.

  Nontek 09:59 30 Jul 2011

More about PrevX .... http://www.prevx.com/

  misters 11:12 30 Jul 2011

Tried the software but it didn't find anything that related to the above mentioned file. Anything else i could try?

  birdface 11:13 30 Jul 2011

If you have not tried Malwarebytes download and run that.You get the full version for 2 weeks so it does not cost anything.

  birdface 11:19 30 Jul 2011

According to Nontek's first response it did say it could come under PBEGEO.EXE

But not a lot about that either on Google.

The only one that looks like yours is this one which is genuine.


Maybe you did not get the correct spelling.

  misters 18:58 30 Jul 2011

Yea checked the spelling its definetly wtervv.

I have run all kinds of mailware product that do find somehing but at start up the message is still there.

  Nontek 19:28 30 Jul 2011

wtrvv.exe is listed in the Aliases list.

  Nontek 19:30 30 Jul 2011

Oops O made slight typo ... should read ... wtervv.exe

  robin_x 20:59 30 Jul 2011

Submit it as suspected malware to your AV provider.

Should be a link on their support pages somewhere.

If it is malware, they will include it in an update fairly soon I would hope

(Avira seemed to do that in about 3 or 4 days when I submitted one recently)

  misters 10:03 31 Jul 2011

Found and deleted it from registry and it seems to have done the trick. Thanks

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