WS_FTP Pro - re-installation

  peabody 18:26 08 Aug 2005

I've been getting much difficulty with WS_FTP Pro 'sticking' during uploads and have decided to try an uninstall/re-install (clutching at straws, perhaps!). Is it possible to back up all my sites (I have about 12) to save having to set them all up again after the re-install? Thanks

  Forum Editor 19:36 08 Aug 2005

Are all twelve of these sites on the same server?

If they are, the problem is more likely to lie there, than with WSFTP Pro, which normally works like a dream every time.

  peabody 20:21 08 Aug 2005

No - at least 3 different servers. The problem happens frequently but spuriously. I have to Pause the upload, disconnect, Exit the program, start it again, view Transfer manager, Delete the upload and try again. Other times I try a connect and it just hangs 'waiting for response from server'. I've tried loking at the Ipswitch forums but no help there. I did getthe impression that I am not alone with this. When an upload hangs, the progress bar indicates, say, 3% but the file size after the error will be 0 bytes. Bloomin' nuisance! I'm on broadband and internet access is fine. Incidentally, FTPs down (from the server) are always OK - it's only uploads that hang.

  phil 22:08 08 Aug 2005

Look in the WS_FTP folder in Explorer and copy the WS_click here file to somewhere safe, desktop?

Un-install the programme and then re-install.

Paste the .ini file back in to it's proper folder again. A pop up will say this file already exists, do you want to over write it. Click on yes.

Fire up WS_FTP and it should all be working again.

  phil 22:12 08 Aug 2005

WS_FTP dot ini

Flippin' stoopid hyperlinks

  peabody 10:37 09 Aug 2005

Phil, thanks, but WS_FTP Pro does not use a .ini, or at least not one that I can find. It may perhaps use the System Registry which opens a slight can of worms if so. The older version that I have (WS_FTP LE) does indeed use .ini. Thanks anyway.

  keith-236785 19:13 14 Aug 2005

on my system the configuration file is at

C:\Program Files\WS_FTP

the file is

"WS_FTP Configuration Settings" and contains all the possible connections available. (mine is the last one on the list if that helps)

i would expect that copying this file to a floppy and pasting it back in after a reinstall (overwriting the existing) would put all connections back into the connect options box.

  peabody 20:55 14 Aug 2005

What version of WS_FTP are you using? I have no such file.

  keith-236785 17:55 15 Aug 2005

sorry if i caused confusion, mine is the limited edition (free version).... i see you are on the pro version. it must be different.

  peabody 21:25 15 Aug 2005

No worries - thanks for your interest anyway.

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