ws-ftp free or not

  woody 00:50 23 Dec 2003

In the past i have used wsftp free but with the new one some sites state it is free for home use but when you look at the lic it suggests it is only free for some school type situations.

Can i use it for home (non commercial) or not?

  hugh-265156 01:55 23 Dec 2003

i gather its free for home,non business use.does say though:

"If you're looking to upload and maintain websites; add images to online auctions; download music, games, and other files from FTP servers, please download wsftp pro"

try ftp explorer its free for home use click here basic and easy to use.

  phil 21:27 23 Dec 2003

So apart from uploading and maintaining websites; adding images to online auctions; downloading music, games, and other files from FTP servers what else can it be used for?

I've been using the free version for years now to do most of the above and have yet to hear the knock at the door.

  woody 01:18 24 Dec 2003

So have i but the new free prog is not so clear and i need it for a new comp.
I have a num of free cd from various mags and will try to find the old one from them.

The one huggy mentions is simple to use but would like to use the other if i can.(but not enough to pay for the pro ver)

  Forum Editor 08:21 24 Dec 2003

WSFTP - the best known and (in my opinion) best of the FTP programs doesn't have a free version, and never has, unless you are a registered academic institution. That program comes from
click here

On the other hand, FTP Explorer, which comes from
click here is free, but again only to students and academic institutions, and only for non-commercial use. If you want to continue to use it after the 30 trial period you must register and buy a licence.

You can download an evaluation version of WSFTP Pro, or the server version, but if you want to keep it you must pay. There are only the two versions - Pro and server - available to you and I, the academic version is called WSFTP LE.

I hope that helps.

  hugh-265156 08:47 24 Dec 2003

wasnt getting confused FE

i quoted the above from the ipswitch download page.

was only giving a link to ftp explorer as an alternative.

  woody 12:33 24 Dec 2003

"FTPx Corp. (hereinafter FTPx) grants you a limited non-exclusive license to use the SOFTWARE free of charge if you are a student, faculty member or staff member of an educational institution or your use of the SOFTWARE is exclusively at home for non-commercial purposes."

This seems to state ok for home use

  woody 12:35 24 Dec 2003

And this -

" FTP Explorer is a file transfer protocol client for
Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP and NT 4.0, that looks and acts very
much like the Windows Explorer, offering a fun way to FTP...

Free for Home and Educational Use! "

  woody 12:49 24 Dec 2003

The following i copied a min ago from the web.


* This program executable, help file and related text files may be *
* used without fee by any United States Government organization, *
* by individuals for non-commercial home use, and by students, *
* faculty and staff of academic institutions. *
* *
* U.S. Government use: Free *
* Non-commercial home use: Free *
* Academic use: Free *
* All other uses: Contact Ipswitch, Inc. for license information *
* *
* Archive sites: This program may be included on U.S. Government, *
* academic and non-commercial Internet archive sites and on CD-ROM *
* collections distributed by such sites, provided any charge is *
* solely to recover the cost of distribution. Any such *
* distribution must contain the complete program, including this *
* file. Non-commercial Internet archive sites must not be in the *
* business of making a profit from selling hardware, software, *
* information or services. *
* *
* For distribution rights and for all other uses, including *
* all corporate use, please contact Ipswitch, Inc. at *
* <[email protected]> or (617) 861-1411 for license information. *
* Ipswitch may also be contacted via mail at 81 Hartwell Ave., *
* Lexington, MA 02173 or fax at (617) 861-8788. *
* *
* Ipswitch, Inc. develops and sells a family of TCP/IP products *
* for a range of PC platforms: Acadia/VxD for Windows, Piper/IP *
* for DOS and Windows, Vantage/IP for OS/2, the Catipult Netware *
* to TCP/IP gateway, IMail electronic mail for Windows and INews *
* network news for Windows. *

  woody 12:55 24 Dec 2003

Why do they make the lic so complicated?

We are the people who want to keep to the law.

Some of my (paid a lot for) web building type software will send to the web - i will have to learn to use them!!

  Forum Editor 13:08 24 Dec 2003

why not just pay for a WSFTP Pro licence? At $39.95 for the latest version without a service agreement it's pretty good value for money, and it's undoubtedly the best there is.

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