Wrong resolution in Catalyst Control Center, now a black screen and I cannot reset it

  RyanSmith 16:38 23 Jul 2014

I set a resolution too high in Catalyst Control Center now I cannot set it lower, I have tried to boot into safe mode with my TV and then connect my monitor when loaded this worked the monitor displayed things and I then lowered the resolution of everything and rebooted, the monitor worked and displayed the windows logo for a few seconds but then said out of range. And only the TV worked. I then tried the same but I unplugged the TV in safe mode and then put the monitor in followed by the TV ( the monitor didn't work otherwise) and lowered the resolution. When I rebooted the monitor worked but the TV didn't and then as soon as I unplugged the TV the monitor said out of range. I repeated this and left the TV in, but when I went to play a game it said out of range. Any help would be appreciated. I tried uninstalling drivers and re installing through uninstall a program in the control panel. The monitor is vga with a DVI adapter, the gpu is r9 280x

  Menzie 19:50 23 Jul 2014

How is the TV connected? HDMI?

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