Wrong print colours

  paul654 18:37 04 Dec 2005

Tried printing some holiday snaps and old (B+W) pics today but for some reason the colours aren't quite right. The B+W prints tend to be a dark 'greeny-blue' rather than black and my colour prints are quite pale. I've swapped the cartridges for proper Canon cartridges with no effect and I've cleaned the nozzles.Surelly my printer isn't on its way out, its only 18 months old and I dont use it that often, it usually gives vivid prints....I dont get it. Its a Canon i550x BJ.
Any ideas would be welcome

  SANTOS7 18:46 04 Dec 2005

The quality of the paper you are useing might make a diference...

  EJ1947 18:47 04 Dec 2005

Although I don't have the same printer as yours I can assume the B and W prints are being printed with the settings set to colour and not just black only. There will also be settings for adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation somewhere.

  paul654 15:40 05 Dec 2005

Thanks people...I've cleaned the nozzles, changed the cartridges, tried different paper, re-installed the driver...all to no avail, looks like a new printer in the Jan sales...oh well.
Thanks anyway

  rawprawn 15:45 05 Dec 2005

One thing you might check which caused me a similar problem in the past. Make sure that the little sealing strip is taken off all the cartridges so that it will let air in. I forgot once on my blue, and had some rather strange results. (Sorry if this is a bit basic)

  SG Atlantis® 15:46 05 Dec 2005

Try editing the photos first. Just a little.

  Gongoozler 16:02 05 Dec 2005

It is notoriously difficult to accurately colour match prints. For black and white prints you could set the printer options to Black and White, which will prevent any colour ink being used, but colour printing process is very different to the monitor colour rendition process. The monitor adds green, red and blue dots to make the colour, whereas the printer uses magenta, cyan and yellow to remove colour from the light reflected by the paper. There are utilities available that help the colour matching process, but none of them is 100% reliable.

  jack 16:14 05 Dec 2005

As Gongooler says - matvhing paper to screen is gauranteed to do three things = waste a lot of ink and paper and give you a head wallet ache.
From a home user point of view it just cant be done.
You have to industry standard kit indtalled.
there asre so many vairables- What programme is genrating the print image and the colour settings/As discussed the printer set up -here you said blacks are green/ blue- this suggests that in fact the black cart is not delivering- in other words MCY are combinig to gave a sort of black- which is intended and the black- [some times known as K Key] is an extra to boost shadows and detail.
Check carefully the printer setting in the(not sure what Canon call them]colour/type image type [tue photo perhaps] are set.

  David4637 20:26 05 Dec 2005

Always print a good photo out when you get a new printer, for reference and back it up on CD. Then you can compare it if and when things go wrong x years later. David

  woodchip 20:29 05 Dec 2005

Go to Start Settings Printer Right click your Printer\Properties Print Test Page for missing colour

  paul654 22:16 05 Dec 2005

My printer has inexplicably started to work perfectly again...I have know idea why it went funny in the first place or why it should suddenly work correctly....perhaps it could sense its impending doom if things didn't improve....
Thanks for all your suggestions, fingers crossed.

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