wrong monitor connection

  smileylou 13:29 31 Dec 2013

I have bought a refurbished dell precision 380 tower, The connection on the back of the dell are not standard, Ive bought pcs refurbished many times and have never had this problem before, I bought a 2 way adapter which still didnt work so then bought a different 16 pin to 9 pin convertor, now its all fitting together but still wont fire up the monitor, have emailed the seller but would only want to return it as a last resort because of the price, can anyone please help me?

Thank you in advance x

  aquatarkus 13:51 31 Dec 2013

Hi there, just had a look at the specs of the Dell Precision 380 work station. it lists the graphics cards as NVidia Quadra FX or ATI Fire GL PCI-e (pci express.

These cards would normally have either 16 pin Dsub or DVI connections so shouldn't be different than normal.

If you have the Dell code you could look the actual unit up on the Dell site.

I see you mention a 9 pin converter, 9 pins is normally a serial connector not a VGA output to a monitor. Have you taken the side of the unit to see which graphics card is installed?

Regards Aquatarkus

  aquatarkus 14:05 31 Dec 2013

Hi there just found a Dell manual for the 380, are you trying to connect to the 9 pin connector that is just below the large serial / parallel connector?

If you are then that is definitely a serial connection, the graphics card connections will be on the top most expansion slot.

Regards Aquatarkus

  smileylou 14:18 31 Dec 2013

hi, thx so much for the fast response, i am trying to connect to the 9 pin where you said, the other connector has 24 pins and is at the bottom, im not very pc savvy sorry! is it possible to upload photos here so i can show you?

  smileylou 14:35 31 Dec 2013

ok had a look its a radeon dvi s video graphic card

  smileylou 14:49 31 Dec 2013

ok thank you so much!! think i figured it out, cant believe i was using the wrong connector lol///think i need


thx once again x

  aquatarkus 14:56 31 Dec 2013

Good, glad you got it sorted, don't worry we've all been there and done similar things

Regards Aquatarkus

  Secret-Squirrel 16:39 31 Dec 2013

"........think i need DVI-D-24-1-25-Pin-Male-To-VGA-15Pin-Female-Converter-V"

No you don't lou ;)

DVI-D is digital only - it doesn't output any analogue signals so it won't work with your VGA monitor.

Don't despair though as it's likely that your Dell actually has a DVI-I port which outputs a digital and analogue signal which will work.

If you can, I'd like to see a close-up photo or two of those monitor ports of yours. You can't upload or attach anything here unfortunately. You can use PostImage.Org if you don't have a hosting site of your own. There's no need to register - simply upload your photo(s), click the "Copy to Clipboard" button next to "Direct Link" and paste the URL here.

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