Wrong Keyboard.

  Gramary 08:40 23 Sep 2003

Iridium Starbook 710 running XP Home.
For a short time I used a Logitech Easy Internet keyboard in a USB. I no longer use it but cannot delete it from my laptop. Have tried deleting but when I do the restart it loads it back up. How do I get back to the laptop keyboard, without restoring, as this might be causing my stand by problems.
I have tried updating drivers from disk but it chooses the same ones.

  Bodi 09:46 23 Sep 2003

but maybe wrong, you will have to remove the drivers for the Logitech.

In Device Manager (System Properties) does it show both keyboards? You may be able to choose, or at least remove the Logitech. (Check the USB devices as well as keyboard)

Hope this helps - at least will put you to the top again.


  Gramary 12:54 23 Sep 2003

Bodi - Only one keyboard showing (Logitech) and when I try and remove drivers it is automatically selected again on restart.

  Djohn 13:36 23 Sep 2003

Try removing the actual keyboard from device manager, not just the drivers. j.

  Gramary 11:56 26 Sep 2003

Finally got rid of device AND drivers by reloading all software THEN uninstalling!!

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