Wrong HDD size reported

  Digital 20:47 03 Apr 2003

I just replaced my crashed 10Gb C drive with a 60Gb one. I used FDISK to delete any existing partition & allocate a new single partition. I then booted from my W989SE CD & formatted the drive. I then installed W98SE, then restored applications & data from InCD prepared backup CDs, all without any problems. Now when I check the C drive Properties via My Computer, it reports only 10Gb but FDISK (via DOS) shows 58+Gb as did the InCD restore screen. What's wrong & what can/should I do?

  [DELETED] 20:53 03 Apr 2003

If you (by any chance) restored an image of a 10Gb drive - then you get a 10Gb partition. Is this what you did?

  [DELETED] 21:31 03 Apr 2003

during the fdisk operation you may not have deleted all partitions on the drive (some remaining hidden)A better way is use partition magic to see all partition info including hidden ones ,it gives the option to resize/remove blend etc etc to full capacity if required..and easy to use..

  [DELETED] 02:49 04 Apr 2003

By email

"Thanks for the response. Yes, the restored files &c would have held a 10Gb image 'cos the backup was taken before the 10Gb drive crashed, but FDISK definitely created a 60Gb partition, so why has it changed? And, more to the point, what can I do to put it right? Can I create a second partition to use the rest of the disk?"

If it really was an image - the previous fdisk would have been relaced by the "identical copy" of the image. If it was just files, that should not have happened.

Recheck with fdisk - if you have unallocated space, then you can simply create another partition for the rest of the drive, and then format the new partition (ONLY).

If fdisk shows still a 60Gb partition, ask again please (via the forum).

  Digital 13:50 04 Apr 2003

Thanks to all for the help. I resolved it by using DOS (under Windows, to my surprise) to form a second logical drive & formatting same. Windows can now see all 60Gb.

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