wrong hard drive size? partitioned

  stephen-224025 10:02 15 Jul 2004

Hi all...just replaced my PC with a Dell optiplex and the hard drive shows a size of 10GB in My Computer although it's actually 20GB on looking at the actual Maxtor drive in the PC. I think this has been partitioned in the past.How do I un partition to get the full 20GB back. Cheers.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:08 15 Jul 2004

2 ways:

the first, using FDISK is destructive of all that is on the hdd.

The second, using a utility such as Partition Magic will (should) not destroy your data.

click here

  Diodorus Siculus 10:10 15 Jul 2004

By the way, what OS are you using?

If XP, right click on "my computer" and choose manage.

Then disk management.

From there you may be able to format the unused partition.

  stephen-224025 10:15 15 Jul 2004

Hi Diodorus, many thanks....it's XP and under disk management it shows 9.75GB FAT 32 Healthy and 9.00GB Unallocated.
How do I re allocate the partitioned sector?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:20 15 Jul 2004

I don't have XP at present (using win 2k).

What happens if you right click on the unallocated space? Is there an option to format it?

  stephen-224025 10:27 15 Jul 2004

Hi, on right click I get New Partition....Properties...help
The New Partition wont help as I want to reallocate to full 20GB.
Any sugestions??
Many thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 10:33 15 Jul 2004

Other than by usuing Partition Magic or similar (Ranish partition manager for a free option) I don't know of a way of doing this.

It can be useful to have two partitions though so look on the bright side if you were to leave it this way! :-)

  reaths 10:55 15 Jul 2004

you can remove the partition using the XP disc cant remember exactly how,its either in the repair option or the format option not exactly sure at work at the moment so unable to search but have used it to partition & undo partition in the past.hope this helps you

  stephen-224025 11:02 15 Jul 2004

Hi all, seems too much messing about and I suppose it's OK to have 2 "Drives" although the unallocated partition is not showing as an accessible drive...it has no drive letter assigned.
How do I use this extra 9.0GB and how do I assign a drive letter so it shows up in My Computer?

  reaths 11:27 15 Jul 2004

does the drive show on my computer as 2 seperate drives if so then you can format it there choosing either NTFS or FAT32 when i partitioned my hard drive it only formatted the C:/ drive on installation and i had to format each partition in my computer to get them to work.

  stephen-224025 12:15 15 Jul 2004

Hi reaths, no it only shows one drive "C" in My Computer with a volume of 9.75GB.
I dont know how to access the partitioned part of the hard drive to assign a drive letter?? Will I have to format the entire drive again?

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