wrong cpu/mhz indentification

  NEOSPHEAR 15:18 27 Jan 2003

I have just had a replacement XP2100 sent out to me as the last one I purchased from Ebuyer showed as a XP1500+ and the same thing has happend 2 the replacement so i'm ruling out that they have sent me the wrong CPU a second time but anything is possible.
My motherboard is a K7S6A I went to ECS's website to check the bios version I have on my machine and although there is an update, my version should show that I have XP2100+ I am now at a dead end as what to do, although I could update the bios it's not something I want to do unless I realy have to, anyone out there that can help would be very apprieciated

  grove34 15:24 27 Jan 2003

go into your bios and change your fsb to 133 as i think it maybe set to 100.

  goonerbill 15:30 27 Jan 2003

if ya fsb is set to 133, up date the bios. ecs boards are easy to bios flash, had the k7s5a and it wont let you update the bios with the wrong flash and it backs up ya old bios at the same time. do it all on a floppy and ecs's web site has full instructions on bios flashing

  NEOSPHEAR 15:56 27 Jan 2003

Changed the fsb to 133/100/33 on the boot up, it's now showing 1726Mhz and in system information its showing the same mhz but still XP1500+ is this a bios problem? also i have never changed the fsb settings before as it has always been set on default so are the above settings right?
thanks grove34 and goonerbill for your help much apprieciated

  Djohn 16:10 27 Jan 2003

Think it should be 133/133, then it will show as 1768mhz and XP2100,.

  grove34 16:15 27 Jan 2003

you jammy sod , i cant get my xp2100 to go much past 1800mhz.

  Djohn 16:27 27 Jan 2003

From the Tech. page on AMD's web site. Hope it is of help to you.

A misidentified processor is usually the result of an outdated BIOS. If the reported frequency is incorrect and all motherboard settings are configured correctly (core voltage, bus speed, and clock multiplier), the processor is probably running at the correct speed, but is being misidentified by the BIOS. This can be confirmed by running a utility such as CPUID. This utility, available at the AMD Processor Utilities and Updates page, will measure the frequency the processor is actually running at. An outdated BIOS can also result in the processor's type being identified incorrectly, or being identified as "unknown".

  woodchip 16:31 27 Jan 2003

As Djohn It should be set to 133/133 Frequency in cmos

  NEOSPHEAR 17:52 27 Jan 2003

Ok I changed the fsb to 133/133 but it still shows it as a xp1500 so i guess its a bios update thats needed the mhz now shows 1725Mhz however i now have a fresh problem with that i cant play c&c renegade and double helix without the system crashing although it worked fine before on the default fsb settings, the code i got on renegade before it crashed was OE:0028:C0052320 where as SOF double helix loaded fine in multiplayer then froze

  Djohn 18:01 27 Jan 2003

NEOSPHEAR, before you flash the Board wait for more advice from woodchip or others!..

  NEOSPHEAR 18:27 27 Jan 2003

Ok Djohn thanx, flashing the board is a last resort so any alternatives would be grateful thanx for your help so far people

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