Wrong CPU speed in BIOS?

  cambrai 09:22 29 Aug 2003

I have an Athlon XP2000+ running on an ASUS A7V8X-X motherboard - operating system Windows XP. When booting the PC frequently (not always) returns a wrong CPU speed setting and enters the BIOS setup prompting a change - in fact (as far as I can see) the settings are correct for the XP2000+ ie 1.667 ghz; 12.5 muliplier; 133/33 etc - so I change nothing - exit the BIOS and carry on - Windows starts no problems and everything works fine - is this just something I have to put up with or can I get rid of this message.
Any thoughts?

  dth 09:48 29 Aug 2003

Sounds a bit strange. As a long shot you could try making a minor change (to something) in the Bios, saving the change and then going back and correcting the change and save again - just in case the 133 is not sticking

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