~WRL3493.tmp -Wont go away!

  Diemmess 11:04 26 Nov 2012

I'm in the throes of paging a village magazine and Word 2007 is currently compatible with 2000 (.doc)

Word seems to be generating temp files at the least provocation, and so far I have lost nothing but have this file (now greyed out) insisting it is in use etc etc.

Have been able to delete or rename other culprits when they occurred, have tried CClean to check the registry. At the moment I can ignore it, but just a mite anxious it could become serious.

Ideas please?

  Secret-Squirrel 14:25 26 Nov 2012

It's normal for Microsoft Word to create .tmp (temporary) files whilst it's in use - have a look here for more info.

The files that start ~WRL appear to be connected to stuff you've copied to the clipboard.

When Word is shutdown correctly all those temp files should disappear. Are you saying that yours remain even after shutting down Word?

  woodchip 14:38 26 Nov 2012

Tmp files are created as you use Word so that if the power goes down or you get a System Crash etc you can still open your Doc as at the time it made the last Tmp File, you can change timed Doc Backuptimes in Word Settings

  Diemmess 17:50 26 Nov 2012

Thank you both for the reassurance it took only a good old fashioned reboot to fix this one, merely coming out of Word was not enough. I had tried that anyway.

"Stressed editor" ignored the obvious. I find Word pretty stable normally, but I was punch drunk after using Corel 12 a lot yesterday and that can be very flaky.

I was after all doing a lot of cut and paste, had noticed the ~Wxxx.tmp coming and going but this one stayed.

A friend from long ago earns her crust as computer support in industrial systems and she claimed then that a reboot every now and then was a good idea if some complex, step by step procedure was being applied

  woodchip 17:53 26 Nov 2012

I use Corel WordPe3rfect 8 on all my Xp computers

  Diemmess 20:39 28 Nov 2012

In case anyone is interested.

Less panic and more thought should have been observed. Im now convinced I confused the poor PC by too many save-as while disregarding the fact that I was dealing with a number of files mostly .doc some open some closed with different subscripts for the same documents.

(i.e. doc and docx willy nilly.) Although I can save as docx the converter works without complaint.... normally..... what I was doing was stoopid!

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