Written down Office XP product code wrongly

  Liam101 19:04 09 Aug 2005

I am re-installing Office Xp and Publisher XP on a machine that I have had to recently format. The Publisher one goes down okay, but when I put the product activation key into the Office XP during install, it keeps telling me it is the wrong one. I have the key written down on the disk (fortunately) as the cover was lost a couple of years ago, but have never needed to re-install it before now.
I have downloaded Magic Bean Finder 1.7, but cannot get it to read the disk, as it only tries to look at the registry and coming up blank as Office XP is not yet installed.
I have looked at the disk and found a 31 number product code, but this does not match the 25 spaces allowed for the activation code during install. Does anyone out there know of a program that can tell me what the activation product code is on my Office XP disc please so that I can finally get it loaded?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:42 09 Aug 2005

I don't think there is such program that can read the number from the disk (piracy problems)

Check your written down number common failures are due to mistaking letters like T for a 7, O for a zero or D etc.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:43 09 Aug 2005

Can't be done as far as I know... at least, I've not yet seen it happen.

But I will follow this in hope...

  Yoda Knight 19:50 09 Aug 2005

I have seen posts here from people in similar situations who have pleaded their case to Microsoft and been given the benefit of the doubt

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:54 09 Aug 2005

The individual product codes are not on the cd, that would be totally impractical as every single disk would have to be unique. I suspect your only solution is to contact Microsoft and explain your problem and see if they are willing to help.

  Terry Brown 19:55 09 Aug 2005

If you have proof of purchase (receipt, bank statement etc), contact Microsoft and they may issue a new code, otherwise I suggest you move up to Office 2003, a much beter program.-- If you cannnot load your XP office software, try OPEN OFFICE (google searh) for free office software

  Liam101 20:14 09 Aug 2005

Thanks guys. I will try to contact Microsoft, but I have had problems in the past where I tried to contact Microsoft about a problem but kept getting redirected to a site that I had to pay to get technical help - so I gave up. Microsoft is not as easy to talk to as it used to be. Appears all they want is your money for the product and then to pay for support when things go wrong. I wouldn't buy a car from them, that's for sure - lol.
Anyway - thanks guys, I'll try and see what they say if i can get through to them without paying. It's just so frustrating having paid a lot of money for a product, used it for a few years and then find I can't load it again without the bloody correct key. Ahh well, as the French say - Ce la guerre........

  bruno 21:31 09 Aug 2005

I have just bought a new computer and they have a trial version of Office 2003 on there.The number required is a 25 digit one.The only trouble as far as I am concerned, is that I type in the number given and Office rejects it.

  Stuartli 23:32 09 Aug 2005

If you have Belarc Advisor and the original software is still on the system, it will list the product key for relevant software.

  DieSse 23:36 09 Aug 2005

Then you go to the system supplier and complain.

  DieSse 23:40 09 Aug 2005

Mr Mistoffelees s quite correct - the product code is not on the CD - all the CDs are identical (they're pressed, a bit like old vinyl recores).

MS are the only people who could help. If you bought an upgrade (at lower price than a full system) - then you only need to have your old CD to hand when you install it - you won't need the number.

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