Writing with a pen on DVD or CD

  Lemur 18:11 27 Aug 2009

Can you please recommend a WHITE pen for writing the details of a disc on it when the disc is a very dark colour and when the usual black, blue, green or red pens are useless. Presumably a white sticky label is a no no! Many thanks.

  mooly 19:19 27 Aug 2009

Not really... that's not much help is it.
Labels as you say, a no no. The "label" side of a disk is only protected by a very thin layer of protective laquer etc, literally microns in thickness. Many pens, chemicals, glues etc can under certain circumstances eat into this over months and years and it can be a major cause of failure.
Maybe the answer is to keep the discs in slimline cases and label those instead, perhaps just identifying each disc with a number written near the center on the "shiny" read side but not impinging on the track data.

  GaT7 19:26 27 Aug 2009

A silver/gold writing pen would be suitable perhaps? Try your local WHSmith or stationer.

Pilot do a white marker called 'Pilot Super Color White marker' click here. They appear to be 'paint' markers:

Extra fine click here / click here

Fine click here (bottom of the page) / click here

Medium click here (middle of the page) / click here

Can't see how any of them could eat into the disk, but you never know! G

  Lemur 20:10 27 Aug 2009

Many thanks mooly and Crossbow7 for your kind and generous help. The irony is that my current dark blue discs are made by TDK, as are the four pens which do not show up at all well on the surface. Presumably, the only pens which one can rely on as being safe on TDK discs are the TDK ones. Perhaps TDK could explain why they do not either put their name to a light colour or white pen which will do the job effectively, or colour their discs differently.

Further to mooly's numbering suggestion; that would fit in with my existing system quite well, so I will try that.

Kind regards,

  Technotiger 20:43 27 Aug 2009

I used to use Pressit disc labelling kit. But these days I prefer direct to disc printing, on special printable DVD/CD's.

click here

  Muergo 21:38 27 Aug 2009

I use an edding 780 white very fine paint pen from Rymans, it works well on CD?DVD but takes a while to dry.
They normally seem to keep them under the counter available only to non sniffers!!

  woodchip 21:53 27 Aug 2009

If you do not use a correct CD pen, the ink chemicals can lift the foil and damage the CD or DVD
It did with some of mine. :ables can do the same so only use good named ones

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