Writing MP3 files to CD

  Hofnar 15:21 02 Oct 2003

I?ve been trying to write the old vinyl records that I?d copied and changed to MP3 files, to my CD writer. So far I?ve used Nero, Prassi Primo CD Plus and Acoustica MP3 Burner. All my folders are nicely grouped together on my HD. I can select them to the writer program, but it uses the same amount of disk space as wave files. The extension is MP3 and it also gives the size of each record as between 65 and 70 Mb. However 2 records goes over the limit of the CD. I have tried to write Audio as well as Data CDs. I?m using Win XP and my anti-virus program is disabled. What do I do wrong?

  critic-al 16:07 02 Oct 2003

TRY making an mp3 first to cd, and see what happens

  slowhand_1000 16:27 02 Oct 2003

Have you tried 'ripping' to MP3 one of the files you are trying to burn. Have they been saved as .wav files but just had the file extension changed to mp3, without actually being ripped.

  leo49 16:31 02 Oct 2003

I'm confused with your query on 2 points.

1. You say you've "changed" them to MP3 - what software did you use to convert them? If they're still the same size as the .wav then they haven't been converted at all.

2.Are you seeking to burn Audio CD's[to play on a domestic hi-fi] or CD's that contain several LP's in MP3 form[to play on your PC or specialist MP3 player]?

  lixdexik 17:29 02 Oct 2003

and you use the "make music Cd" option, then when you drage your MP3 files over to the compilation, nero converts them to wave files automaticaly, so the cd will play on any cd player. Just drag the mp3 files over as if you were saving a data file
cd rom(ISO)(do not use multi sesion) you should get (depending on mp3 size) well over 150 mp3 files on a cd. I recently got 204 mp3s on one cd using nero and they play fine on any mp3 enabled cd player.

Hope this helps

Cheers Lixdexik

  lixdexik 17:34 02 Oct 2003

An Mp3 file should only be about 3 or 4 megs.


  Hofnar 14:11 03 Oct 2003

I've used Acoustica "MP3 to .wav converter". Each file is between 3.6 and 6 Mb, so they have truly been converted.The ext. is also MP3. I've tried to drag them and selected the folders (Whole LPs and individual songs) but it writes the MP3s as wave files! I must do something wrong? Should I perhaps in the program Rip the .wav files before burning?

  Hofnar 14:14 03 Oct 2003

As leo49.

  leo49 14:17 03 Oct 2003

If you desire to burn MP3's to disc[and keep them as MP3's on the CDR], using Nero you must burn as a DATA file.

  leo49 14:18 03 Oct 2003

Follow lixdexik's instructions.

  Hofnar 14:19 03 Oct 2003

I'll try your suggestion. I thought it would have to be an Audio CD. Thanks very much. I have used Nero 5.5. as well as other CD writng programs.

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