Writing Image files to DVD for Tv Slideshow

  zip72 12:59 13 Jul 2004

I have a Teac writer+Nero and wish to make DVDs of My Pictures on Tv via a domestic dvd player.
What Dvd format should I use?
My photo files are .tif. Will they play, or should I change to .bmp or jpeg ?
Do I need any plug-in...Mpeg-2....and what does that do ?
Desperately need advice....Please....
Where do I find Basics for Beginners?
Many thanks....Zoot72

  hssutton 13:07 13 Jul 2004

Well you could download this trial version click here.
very simple to use just drag and drop.
I have used a number of slideshow progs, this without doubt IMO is the best

  hssutton 13:10 13 Jul 2004

Oh! forgot to say either Tiffs or Jpgs or a combination of both, I normally use high res. Tiffs

  stlucia 13:15 13 Jul 2004

I'm not familiar with Nero, but if you've got the latest version I would expect that there's an option to 'create a slideshow' or something similar which will allow you to drag and drop your files. Then Nero should do the rest to make them into a format that your DVD player can read.

  zip72 13:34 13 Jul 2004

Thanks to both for quick response But.....which DVD?? Is it DVD-R or DVD+RW....or what? And if I wish to 'Send-to-a friend'which is the most common format? I made a DVD+RW and it jammed in someones domestic player....but was perfect on Windows.
But I repeat...A CLEAR step by step guide is needed...

  david4637 13:36 13 Jul 2004

Nero 5.5 or 6 will produce a VCD or SVCD so you can view your photos on TV or PC. Nero needs jpgs (not sure about tifs)to convert them into a suitable format on the VCD (*.dat files created). It works OK on my DVD Player. David

  stlucia 13:52 13 Jul 2004

DVD-R is the most commonly compatible format. Don't bother with RW -- they're more expensive and they're less reliable with some players.

  ventanas 13:54 13 Jul 2004

The format you use + or - will depend on what formats your DVD player can cope with. click here find your player and it will tell you.

As has already been mentioned you then need to create a video CD or VCD to watch slideshows on your TV. I also have a feeling that only .jpg is supported, but might be wrong.

  zip72 14:15 13 Jul 2004

Again..Thanks to all.I clicked your cue 'hssutton'and found Photodex/Photoshow...is that what you are using? Did not understand your 'IMO'reference...
I want to use .TIF for the quality...
I want to store/show about 1000 photos [1024 x768] at a time....so large files x many of them suggests DVD-R rather than the CD options.
Any more comment?? ...I may be getting there...Thanks...

  accord 14:47 13 Jul 2004

IMO = in my humbled opinion

I have Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 and there is an option to burn a Video CD, I havent had the need to use this yet but plan to give it a go in the not to distant future.

  ventanas 15:26 13 Jul 2004

I've used Roxio in the past, but I now burn video CD's from within PaintShop Photo Album. Three clicks and done.

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