Writing DLL Files

  Mad Boy 18:38 17 May 2003

As some of you may be aware im a Software & Game Developer. Im making a really big game here and as i own Delphi 7 I need to know if any of you guys know how to write a DLL to disable the print screen button so noone can rip my graphics. I have a stay on Top DLL but i need to know how to disable the print screen button.

All Help Appreciated Thanks!

  Confab 18:48 17 May 2003

I'm not trying to put any downers on your project but even the biggest corporations have not been able to stop copying/piracy/cracking etc so unless you've reinvented the wheel you're going to have to live with people ripping your graphics.

Good luck with the software anyhow. I hope it's great.


  spikeychris 18:56 17 May 2003

Came across some info once that advised using multi layers and hooks but when you consider lots of people have digital cameras you could be wasting your time.


  Mad Boy 18:56 17 May 2003

Well thanks for your reply, who knows i might come back here & post a link to my game. I must admit I am no proffesional but I am fairly experienced.

Thanks again

  Confab 18:59 17 May 2003

When it's done - post the link - it would be good to see what you've done.

As I said before I hope its great


  Mad Boy 19:05 17 May 2003

Thanks Amber, I only began the project last week (im working alone aswell unfortunately)

Might be done withing a few weeks time or so. As long as youre in no hurry for it then thats ok. But I will be back :)

Thanks everyone for there support & help aswell throughout the times ive visited here

Thanks again

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