Writing cd's in cd format?

  jake2 09:56 27 Oct 2005

Hi I am trying to put a cd together to play in my car, but the cd player in the car will not play mp3 or wma format. How do I get files from my pc onto the disc in cd format? I have nero 6.0, windows media player 10 and music match on the pc. Will any of these do what I am asking?

  PaulB2005 09:59 27 Oct 2005

They will but you need to make an Audio CD and not a Data CD.

  interzone55 10:06 27 Oct 2005

When using Nero, simply choose to make an Audio CD, then select which MP3 or WMA files you want to put on the CD and Nero will carry out any necessary convertions.

Remember that and Audio CD will only hold a maximum of 80 minutes worth of music, not 700Mb worth of MP3 or WMA files. You will also need to "Close" the CD before it will play in your car, normally this is done automatically, but you may have turned off this option so look in the advanced options of the compilation dialogue.

  jake2 11:14 27 Oct 2005

Thanks I will try that when I get home.

  jake2 22:05 27 Oct 2005

ok i need to convert the music files on my pc tp cd format as they are all stored as mp3's. So when I write them onto cd even selecting audio cd nero still copies them in mp3 format. Any ideas?

  interzone55 08:47 28 Oct 2005

I don't understand this...

Whenever I've used Nero to create an audio CD the files have been converted from MP3 to CDDA automatically.

When selecting the files for the disk, did the bar at the bottom of the window measure space used in Mb or Minutes? That's the way I always knew whether I'd selected the correct disk type.

I've switched from Nero to Easy Creator, but when using Nero I used the SmartStart menu to select the disk type I wanted, and selecting Audio CD always ensured that any audio file of pretty much any type was converted to CDDA and I never got a coaster.

  jake2 08:41 31 Oct 2005

Ok all sorted thanks all.

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