Writing onto CDR's

  Bun 13:47 26 Aug 2003

Hi Gang
I have been given a CDR with some info already on. Is it possible to put more data onto the disc without erasing the data already there? I am using Nero.

  mark500 13:53 26 Aug 2003

If the CDR is finalised then you can't add more data. If it's a multissession disk and open then yes you can. If is a CDRW then no probs either way.

  Bun 17:11 26 Aug 2003

Is there a way to tell if it is multisession? If I try to add extra data if it is not multisession will it mess up the data already on?

  Barrie_G 18:04 26 Aug 2003

No, is the answer to your question if it is not a multisession disk it will not let you write to it and it wont mess up what is already on there.

If your worried about what is on the disk, copy it to your pc before you try writing to the disk so if you do mess up then you will still have a copy of it, or create a copy of what is on the disk along side the other data that you want to add to the disk and burn it all to a different disk in one go.

  -pops- 18:23 26 Aug 2003

If you want to increase the data on a disk the best thing to do would be to copy the existing data on to your hard drive, add the extras and then burn a new disk.

If you're trying to be economical with disks and save buying a new one, it's not worth it. Blank CDs are only a few pence.

  TommyRed 19:06 26 Aug 2003

I buy the ones from ASDA (Mr Data) less than forty pence including the case. TR

  The Sack 19:44 26 Aug 2003

Mr Data are normaly made by CMC which are renound for making poor quality discs, so i would check them every 6 months if you intend on using them for long term storage.

Bigpockets have some 74 minute Riteks for £11.99 (12p each) which are great just to mess around with. click here

  Bun 13:21 27 Aug 2003

Thanks to you all once again saved my bacon.

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