Writing batch files – how???

  Housten 15:47 29 Jun 2012

Good afternoon,

I know there are some free synch programmes about, but I used to write quite a lot of batch files, so as I just want to copy 8 or 10 files, from 2 folders, I – stupidly- thought that if I wrote a simple batch file it would work.

Well, Point 1 is that I went into ‘Command Prompt’ and got what I thought was the DOS screen being displayed. I then wrote – to check that it would work – a single line that went “Copy C:\Quicken\rbs.* F:\Holidays\Quicken”. And it didn’t work!!! What appeared on the screen was that the file could not be found!! Can anyone tell me what is wrong with that? I know I am having memory problems, but I am certain that that was the sort of thing I wrote. If anyone can tell me what I should have wrote I would be very grateful.

And Point 2, made me sweat a bit!! I can not remember how to save it as a batch file. I was going to do so, when I realised that I could not remember so went ahead with the test and thought that if there was a bug – and what In have done is a lot, lot more than a bug – I could write it and save it. Wrong!! Complete muck up, by me. So any help would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

  Nontek 16:09 29 Jun 2012
  Housten 12:29 30 Jun 2012


Many thanks, and many, many apologies for not replying sooner. I followed your link, and got caught up!!

  Nontek 13:10 30 Jun 2012

Apologies not necessary, I just hope I have solved your problem.

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