Write protected usb hdd

  greybeard 22:58 17 Mar 2009

I'm trying to format a toshiba 30gb hdd (MK3021GAS 9D)connected to my laptop via a usb hub.
When I first connected it, and tried to find it in Win Explorer, there was no sign of it.
In device manager it told me that it was "not initialized", and a similar message in Everest.
Taking this to mean that it needed formatting, I've downloaded the HP USB disk storage format tool, but after about 30 secs it tells me that it is "Write Protected".
There are no jumper pins to change as far as I can see, and in my laptop bios I can find no mention of any "enable write protection" or anything that refers to similar.
I have got external devices in my boot list, but I don't think that's relevant.
Any help gratefully received.

  greybeard 23:14 17 Mar 2009

While waiting for replies, I opened windows explorer, and there it was as drive E and told me it needed formatting.
This was xp asking if I wanted to format it.
So it is now done, and being used !!!
I think this ight have been a case of saving the unchanged bios settings, as mentioned in a previous enquiry along the same lines last year.
All's well that ends well.

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