Write Protected Disk

  Neilus 15:29 03 Jan 2010

Hi folks,

Hoping someone can help me with this conundrum. My OS is Vista, and Im trying to format a CD-R. The CD is completely blank and has never been used, but when I attempt to format I receive the message 'The disk is write protected'.

If its useful information, I have a DVD drive - Mat*[email protected]:a DVD +-RW UJ 875S ATA.

Can anyone advise how I can successfully format the disk so I can burn files to it?

Many thanks,


  BRYNIT 15:51 03 Jan 2010

CD/DVD-r disk are a write once disk and cannot be formated but using the correct program allows you to write to the disk until it is full but will not be seen by another CD/DVD reader until the disk has been finalized.

CD/DVD-RW disk can be formated but need a program to do this, windows can not.

Knowing what you trying to write to the disk and what program are you using ie NERO would help us help you.

  Neilus 16:35 03 Jan 2010

Thanks for that so far. Im trying to write a Windows XP Bootable Recovery Console to the disk, I have a program which extracts (floppy) disk image files and creates an ISO file to burn to the CD. (I have another computer at home which will not boot windows).

I would be using BurnCDCC. I have Nero if necessary.

  BRYNIT 17:36 03 Jan 2010

You do not need to format the CD. I am not sure of the program you are using but once you have crated the iso file you will need to burn it to the disk.

In Nero if you open Nero Express Essentials and select burn image ie the iso image and follow the instructions it would burn it to the disk.

If you give more information on the problems you are having with your home computer ie error massages or what is happening when you try to boot someone may be able to help.

  Neilus 18:12 03 Jan 2010

Thanks for that. I will post under a new thread if I continue to have problems resolving the home computer problem.

  tullie 18:35 03 Jan 2010

As Brynit says,you do not,or have to,format a cd/dvd.

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