Wpa question.

  SJM_81 21:37 07 Mar 2010

How come in my router I have a password set to ten characters, but when I go to profile in xp there's a default password set to 8 characters that connects to my router?

Whats point of having a default password on router if theres one on windows???

Can anyone explain?


  johnnyrocker 21:59 07 Mar 2010

at a rough guess i would think that without a router password your connection would be open to any local user?


  SJM_81 22:06 07 Mar 2010


No it is secured with wpa 2, but for some reason a default password comes up and I can connect with that?

My password set up on router has 10 digits?

  retep888 22:28 07 Mar 2010

I'd think the 8 digits will be in dots or asterisks, this is a windows default security no matter how many digit keys you put in,it still shows eight digits only.(My one has 63 digits but shows 8 as well)

If there is a "Show characters" box to tick then you'd see the 10 actual digits with the router.

  SJM_81 23:02 07 Mar 2010

I see.

So if I connect will it also put the password in my profile? If so how do I block it?

  Batch 07:49 08 Mar 2010

Are you, by any chance, confusing the password for logging into the router as its administrator (so that you can configure the router), with the password for wireless connection to the router (for the purposes of accesssing the Internet etc.)?

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