WPA-PSK security problem

  HighTower 15:58 28 Jun 2007

If I don't have any protection on my wireless network then my laptop can access the modem/router no problem. If I apply WPA-PSK security and set up the laptop accordingly then I can't access the network.

The hardware is a Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless G Router, I've gone into the security settings, enabled WPA-PSK, chosen TKIP encryption, given a Pre shared key (password - this can be just about anything, right?), saved the settings and then gone to the laptop to set that up.

On the laptop I've gone into the properties of the wireless network, chosen WPA-PSK in the Network Authentication drop down, chosen TKIP in data encryption, entered the network password (the pre shared key exactly as above), saved the changes, but windows now cannot connect to the network.

I'm using XP, the network card is a Broadcom. Anyone any ideas?

  FreeCell 18:09 28 Jun 2007

Don't know your router and network card but check that the passcode is not expected to be in hexadecimal (0 - 9, a,b,c,d,e,f). Many WPA codes are. Passcode using other alpha characters would be invalid.

  postie24 21:19 28 Jun 2007

Are you hiding the SSID?
Sometimes hiding this and using WPA encryption prevents you accessing your network.
Go to your router homepage and check to see if its showing

  Strawballs 22:38 28 Jun 2007

If you are using the software that came with the network card then you will have to enter the TKIP password through that or if it is built in wireless and windows is controlling the wireless conection then I don't know why this is happening.

  Ashrich 22:50 29 Jun 2007

What are the specs of the laptop ? is it a relatively old one ? . The overheads of connecting to an encrypted wireless network are quite heavy ( example ...I can see my network with full signal from the bottom of my neighbours garden over the road , but on connecting it drops to one bar from five , heavy overheads on the system ) so a low power laptop , running XP ( already has overheads from operating system ) might well struggle to decipher the encryption , try it using WEP first to see if it makes a difference .


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