wpa-psk or wpa-802.1x?

  Sheila-Jo 18:46 04 Sep 2005


i've installed a netgear dg834gt wireless router and am trying to decide which security options to use. there's two computers in total on the network. which do i choose:

wep, wpa-psk, or wpa-802.1x?

thanks in advance,


  selfbuild 21:31 04 Sep 2005

I use wpa-psk myself.... easy to setup and far more secure than wep.

You should also disable the broadcasting of your SSID and, if you want go the whole hog, enable mac filtering.

  retep888 21:37 04 Sep 2005

I have got one of this.

I had it setup in WPA-PSK,with upto 63 characters for the key,think it's secure enough.

And don't forget to change the login passwords.


  Sheila-Jo 23:29 04 Sep 2005

thanks for the replies.

what's the difference between wpa-psk and wpa-802.1x?


  BigMoFoT 16:01 05 Sep 2005
  Gaz 25 01:18 06 Sep 2005

As far as I'm aware...

WPA-PSK is great for home users, easy to set-up, most advanced security without extra items. Only a preshare key is required to access network.

WPA-802.1x is basically to do with Radius servers, so you can also authenticate users using a password and username. This is the most secure, but requires a server. Therefore only enterprise users generally use this, unless your crazy like me and feel like setting up a linux radius server for fun.

  Taran 04:04 06 Sep 2005

I use WPA-PSK with TKIP encryption and a pre-shared key both at home and at my office for all staff.

It is quick to set up, extremely secure (if you choose a resonably complex pre-share key) and has nowhere near the setup issues of WPA-802.1x

WPA-802.1x entails a system administrator setting up and configuring server features for what is, in reality, a two stage (or at least a two technology) system.

Without writing pages it is difficult to summarise.

Out it like this, I have a background in systems administration and I have one server at home and two servers at my office. Rather than use WPA-802.1x I plumped for WPA-PSK at both properties. Either I'm a lazy hack or I'm entirely satisfied with what WPA-PSK does for me and my staff (or both).

  Sheila-Jo 10:03 07 Sep 2005

thanks all very much for your help - i gave the wpa-psk a go.

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