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Would you like some useful Favorites?

  powerless 03:07 29 Mar 2003

I know this may seem like a strange one...

But ever since coming here, there have been many links to useful sites and I’ve taken advantage of that and added them to my favorites.

I've tried to arrange them in some sort of "order" and well over many months my favorites has grown to about 222 favorites according to my right click on the favorites folder.

No doubt I’ve missed a few obvious ones along the way and not so obvious ones and that the way I have arranged them could come into question. Like "that should have gone there" or "why didn’t you put that in there"...Well it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t take less than 5 seconds to move a link to its more “appropriate place.”

I’ve tried to keep the original favorite name but a few times I’ve had to make them shorter as some are very long.

I now have Windows XP and the favorites are found in:-

C:\Documents and Settings\XXX\Favorites

(XXX – Your name here)

I do not remember where it is on Windows 98 etc but I’m sure someone could find it and post its location.

If you want to see what I have and use then just click the envelope next to my name and send me a little email and I’ll send them back to you…

I’ve popped all those favorites into a new folder (called “New Favorites”)so just add this folder into your favorite’s folder and you can see and use them all. This way your favorites menu keeps nice and tidy and your own favorites do not get mixed up.

The folder size is 42KB and has been virus scanned by Norton Anti Virus 2003 and it has been given the all clear.

So there you go…


Hope I’m not doing anything that PCA would object to. Also Forum Members, hope you have no objections either.

You can also find more links if you click here

Favourites = Favorites

  powerless 23:14 01 Apr 2003

Getting longer now...

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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