would you recommend me for this graphic card

  bibo1465 23:03 08 Jan 2007

hi everyone

please i need your advise.

I have window xp sp2,1.5 graphic card memory,256 mb X800 ati graphic card (AGP interface).asus K8V se deluxe motherboard.

400 watts power supply.

I saw this graphic card from (http:click here

This is the link;
click here

As i play a lot of games,such:call of duty1,united offensive,call of duty2,command and conquer renegade,panzer elite action,delta force xtreme,unreal tournament 2003,2004)

I am thinking to upgrade to this graphic card.

As a review from other people how bought this card,i think it is fantastic card for game,and it is not so expensive.

What do you think please?

I hope to hear from you very soon.

thank you in advance.

My kindest regards


  RobCharles1981 23:20 08 Jan 2007

click here

The Card you mention is pants click the link above that is the best AGP card money can buy!!

  Totally-braindead 01:36 09 Jan 2007

Is it really that bad Rob_25_Wales?
It is £70 cheaper, it may not be as good as the one you gave a link to but its quite a price difference.
I was interested to see someone who had a X800 and upgraded to this card got another 22 fps while playing Battlefield 2.

I've been trying to compare the card you say is the best with the one bibo1465 listed and I was only able to compare the PCI Express cards not the AGP. But if the AGP performs as well as the PCI Express cards it appears from the benchmarks the the ATI card is better.

Compare them yourself click here but bear in mind its the PCIE cards.

  bibo1465 07:39 09 Jan 2007

I forgot to let you know that i have athlon 64 3400+,
and 19 inch screen sharp,not wide screen.

will this be enough for the graphic card to run smoothly while i am playing those games.

Again thank you for your reply all the times.

have a very nice day

My kindest regards

  keef66 08:44 09 Jan 2007

"The X1950 PRO is similar to the X1900 GT, the main difference being that it is not based on the X1900 XT, but a new, less power-hungry core. The card's main competition is the 7900 GS, which it beats in almost every benchmark, but the 7900 GS isn't available in an AGP flavor, which makes the X1950 PRO the fastest AGP card available*

*The Gainward BLISS+ 7800 GS series cards, which actually have 7900 GT and 7900 GS GPUs, are also fast AGP cards and on par with the X1950 PRO. These, however, are far more expensive..."

If it was my money I'd go for the X1950 Pro. The Gainward card isn't £70 better. If I had £220 I'd be putting it towards a PCI express mobo / graphics / CPU upgrade.

  vinnyT 11:03 09 Jan 2007

Unless you are thinking of going the dual gfx card route in the future, then the x1950 pro makes better sense. Bangs for bucks, it's the better card.

  Totally-braindead 12:42 09 Jan 2007

I thought it was a better card for the money, thank you both for your confirmation.

Regarding your query about your monitor and your processor they will both be fine with this card. The card will be capable of running at a higher resolution than the monitor but thats not unusual and all you have to do is notch the card back a bit. Your monitor might be capable of something like 1280 x 1024 and if so then you just set the graphics card to run at the highest resolution your monitor can take.
Its a cracking card especially considering the price and a huge improvement over what you have. I'm sure you will be delighted with it.

  bibo1465 20:50 09 Jan 2007


i would like to thank you all for your reply to my thread.

I made my mind to buy the ati 1950 pro,as your recommendation.

Thank you again.

My kindest regards


  gudgulf 21:04 09 Jan 2007

Just to add another opinion......I moved from an ATI x800xt to one of the Gainward GS7800+ cards (the one that is really a 7900GT) and the difference is huge.

I reckon my Gainward does outperform the ATI 1950pro but not by a huge amount.

However, if I was buying now I wouldn't hesitate to buy the ATI card....at that price it is a must have for an otherwise powerful AGP based system

  keef66 10:01 10 Jan 2007

nice to hear a rational, objective view from someone who has one of the Gainward cards.
I'm always suspicious when people are told "dont buy that it's pants"

  bibo1465 17:34 13 Jan 2007

I am how wrote this thread.Thank you all for your reply.

I went to click here website about this graphic card:

click here

in the review they said it is large graphic card.

I opened the case for my pc,i found out that i don't have have enough molex plug.

and the graphic card is so big for my case as this card require 2 molex plug to use it as full power.

which other card do you recommend me to buy for game mainly( i cam pay maximum £150.00, AGP interface card, not pcie card:

(call of duty1,united offensive,call of duty2,command and conquer renegade,panzer elite action,delta force xtreme,unreal tournament 2003,2004)

i hope to hear from you very soon please.

thank you in advance

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