Would this speed up my PC in any way?

  g40 21:25 02 May 2006

I read somewhere that it is better to place RAM modules in slots 1 and 3 as 1 and 2 share the same BUS. I am not too sure about this aspect of configuration ans wonder if anyone would like to tell me what they know about this or if theres any truth in the matter.

  DieSse 21:44 02 May 2006

Well I would guess that it's a misunderstanding of the situation about dual-channel RAM

Is you have non-dual-channel RAM - then you should use slots 1&2

If you have dual-channel RAM, then to enable dula-channel working you will need to use matching RAM in two slots - there will normally be two or four slots and you would pair up slots 1&3 and 2&4

Dual-channel interleaves RAM accesses, so that the net result is faster RAM throughput.

  g40 00:19 03 May 2006

Thank you for that,i just wondered but i don't have dual-channel RAM so i guess its resolved.

  PaulB2005 12:47 03 May 2006

No such thing as Dual Channel RAM.

It is the motherboard that determines if the RAM can be run in a Dual Channel configuration. All these Dual Channel RAM packs consist of are matched pairs of RAM which is required by a Dual Channel enabled Motherboard to run the RAM in Dual Channel mode.

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