would sfc /scannow help me?

  johnnyrocker 15:16 08 Feb 2009

i recently bought a new xp pro machine from cougar, it appears fine except a niggle which seems to be getting more frequent and that is after about five minutes operation explorer (6) stops responding and i have to close and re open it and i was wondering if trying the above might help, advice appreciated


  Totally-braindead 15:22 08 Feb 2009

It might, it depends whats wrong. If you do run it it should only replace missing/corrupt windows files so its worth a try. I assume its windows explorer you are talking about and not internet explorer because if its internet explorer theres an option to repair it.

  johnnyrocker 15:27 08 Feb 2009

sorry for the lack of explanation it is internet explorer that i have the problem as it says prog not responding, after closing and reopen it will work ok for the rest of the evening, thanks for speedy responce.


  Totally-braindead 15:33 08 Feb 2009

Internet Explorer 7, Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Restore Advanced Setting and if that fails try the Reset option.
Strangly enough I had the same problem with mine last week and a friend phone me yesterday as his was doing the same. I am left wondering if theres something like a Windows Update that has affected it. Just wondering if this is the case as I have not added or altered anything and neither has my friend.
I don't if the system file checker will do anything to IE, I would try the option I suggested above.

  sunnystaines 15:34 08 Feb 2009

just bought it? contact cougar.

  rdave13 15:44 08 Feb 2009

IE 6 repair; click here

  Stuartli 16:40 08 Feb 2009

Try installing Internet Explorer 7.

  johnnyrocker 19:10 08 Feb 2009

my thanks so far for all your help, i shall try a repair but no chance of me using 7


  johnnyrocker 19:53 08 Feb 2009

i followed the two suggestions on elder geek, the second one did not find ie.nf file and i double checked settings so i tried the first way which was to run sfc /scannow as i first thought, all it did was ask for cd then went to a window which said checking files, when done box vanished and that was it.


  Stuartli 20:58 08 Feb 2009

Why? It's never caused me any problems, although I must admit that Firefox serves me for 98 per cent of the time.

There are also considerable better security standards.

  skidzy 21:09 08 Feb 2009

Jonny,run this tool click here fixes OE also.

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