Would restoring a game's files again work?

  Shedopen123 16:24 13 Jan 2018

I uninstalled a game without deleting the data.Would just restoring the files be enough for me to launch it again?

  MJS WARLORD 17:15 13 Jan 2018

when uninstalling any software you should always remove leftovers either manually or with something like ccleaner.... in the case of games if you had a save game folder and know where to find it drag (not copy) it or to your desktop... when you re-install the game wait for it to create a save then remove the files an drag over your old save details.... if using steam client the games server wont know you uninstalled it so just re-download it and you will get back all data plus saves unless you click start new game.... with regards to steam if you re-install the steam client you MUST use the same username / email and password or your games list will be empty... you then just re-install everything.NOTE... as client runs tick existing user tab.

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