Would my existing Router work?

  john bunyan 15:41 03 Feb 2019

I am about to switch ISP's . I am currently on "normal" ie non fibre broadband at 8mbps. I have in the past tried various routers, and my existing one has proved the most reliable, a Netgear DGND 4000. The new ISP, PlusNet, is promising a minimum download of 48 mbps, via fibre to the cabinet.

They will supply a new Hub / router , but do I need to change? I know that for fibre to the house, a new one would ne needed, but does this apply with fibre to the cabinet? I have always found it a faff to switch routers.

  Pine Man 16:14 03 Feb 2019

Just left a message on your other thread to the effect that any decent router should work but most ISPs like you to use theirs as it is easier for them to resolve any issues.

  Pine Man 16:27 03 Feb 2019

....further to above I should have said any decent SUITABLE router.

  john bunyan 16:30 03 Feb 2019

*Pine Man *

Thanks for other response. Started a new thread on this separate subject.

Kevin Alders

As it is fibre to the cabinet, not house, your answer is at variance to others

  john bunyan 16:32 03 Feb 2019

Question is , then , is the Netgear DHND 4000 a “suitable “ one. Sounds dubious,

  john bunyan 16:40 03 Feb 2019

Having looked into it further I accept I need a special, new , router.

  hastelloy 10:06 04 Feb 2019

When I first switched to fibre I continued to use my Netgear DGND3700 router (I was with Zen at the time). Sadly that has gone to router heaven and I am now using the one supplied by Plusnet.

When the BT engineers came to connect fibre, they installed a new modem to work with my router. I am still using this set up with the Plusnet router.

  john bunyan 10:52 04 Feb 2019


Thanks for that. I am getting fibre to cabinet so theoretically BT won’t be coming to house. I noticed you were with Zen, and I would have put them top of list, but others say that Plusnet is more competitive, so I am trying Plusnet for a year, and will try their hub so they can’t argue if speeds etc are not ok. I shall miss the Netgear as it has been most reliable

  wee eddie 11:47 04 Feb 2019

I am currently with BT, but have examined the opposition.

I can save money by changing but, in my opinion, the costs of constantly rearranging my email far exceeds any minor saving in cash.

I count my "time" as a cost

  john bunyan 12:50 04 Feb 2019

*wee eddie *

About a year ago I started Outlook.com e mail - was with Pipex for 20 years and that made me reluctant to move . I always kept BT for the phone line. Now that my contacts know I am on Outlook for e mail , I can change ISP’s with no problem. I would recommend looking at, maybe, an additional e mail from a web based one such as Gmail or Outlook, whilst keeping your existing one, in case you ever change ISP

  wee eddie 13:47 04 Feb 2019

Some people use the same email address for everything. I have a personal email address, which has not changed in well over 20 years. I also have separate email addresses, one for Net Trade, another for checking things Google has told me about, and a third for my Council Business, I am a local Trade Representative.

Only the first is ISP tied, but my Contact List is well over 500 folk, friends, both past and present and I reckon that if you change such an address frequently, like every couple of years, people will forget to upgrade and you'll lose touch with them. I only get about half a dozen address changes to update every year

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