Would the Multi-port USB Hub Have Problems

  latestnews 10:04 30 Jul 2010

I found a multi-port PC USB hub (click here). It accordingly has four ports to enable convenient data exchange among different USB devices. But I never used such a stuff, so I wanna know if there would be some problem in compatibility or the fluency of data transportation.

  bjh 10:55 30 Jul 2010

No, no problems at all. You can daisy-chain over a hundred USB devices and they'll all work just fine. The only thing you need to consider is power supply. Some devices like external DVD and hard drive take all their power from the USB connection (ie, have no power supply cable of their own). If you connect two or three of these to the same hub, they may not get sufficient power. You'd need a powered hub, if this was the case.

  latestnews 12:55 30 Jul 2010

Thank you very much. From your description, it seems that there would no problem connect an MP3, a flash memory card, a cellphone, and a U disk on the same hub. In fact, they are all my USB devices.

  gazzaho 13:02 30 Jul 2010

As bjh suggested you would be better going for a powered USB hub, you may experience problems using one without a dedicated power supply. The powered ones may cost a little extra but for peace of mind the extra outlay is worth it.

I use a powered one with 7 ports 5 of which are in constant use and have never had problems with it.

  bjh 13:08 30 Jul 2010

I suspect that, with those peripherals, a powered hub would prove more reliable. I am less sure that they are madi in as many fun designs, but await others to prove me wrong.....

  latestnews 13:34 30 Jul 2010

"I use a powered one with 7 ports 5 of which are in constant use and have never had problems with it."

Wow, very cool, if you mean 5 ports are always connected to USB devices. The stuff is so strong.

  gazzaho 13:49 30 Jul 2010


It's just a Belkin F5U237QEA one, I've had it about 5 or so years and had no problem with it at all. I've 3 external hard drives, printer and my iPod plugged in constantly and the 2 ports on the top of the hub I use for USB memory sticks.

Don't get me wrong I'm not endorsing the hub or Belkin, I'm just saying I haven't had any problems with a powered USB hub.

  Chas49 14:48 30 Jul 2010

I too have a 7 port USB and, like the others, no problems

  Ian in Northampton 12:19 31 Jul 2010

Latest news: I'd endorse what others have said about getting a powered USB hub. You say you want to plug in a cellphone and an MP3 player. If these devices try to charge themselves when they're connected, you may run into problems.

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